3 Haziran 2019 0 Yazar: rzengin

There are many great things about the Internet. One is that it has plenty of free educational resources for teachers. Back by popular demand, we’re happy to share some here in the list below. It features 80 very unique and useful guides, links, and much more.

We’ve done some mining to find free educational resources that really stand out. No matter your pleasure, there’s something helpful here for every educator. Maybe you’re:

  • structuring lessons about digital citizenship
  • teaching with video
  • discussing the Bard
  • learning about the design process
  • talking about student fitness
  • exploring classroom technology
  • looking to walk on the moon or tour the Sistine Chapel

After digging through hundreds of picks, we’ve narrowed it down to 80 links for you. We could have gone with 1,000 but we know you have to get to class. Enjoy these very free educational resources for teachers. Don’t forget to share!

source: https://www.wabisabilearning.com/blog/80-free-educational-resources